Collection 004 | Year of the Tiger


Brave New World & co. establishes itself to make a statement against disposable culture, a worldly phenomenon of our time and generation that enables us to consume and dispose of culture quicker than we put on socks. We believe in the art of caring. From the quality and journey of the garments that we produce to the people that wear it, and the culture we support: artists, illustrators, skateboarders and musicians within our expanding circle of friends. Our process takes place under a strong consciousness of the world we live in, and the environmental challenges. We operate under an eco-responsible and ethical framework. We always shift towards working with independents to the detriment of bigger established companies, whether they are our suppliers, designers or printers. That is our way of growing, by helping other people grow too. Our tone is driven by ethos, enthusiasm and hope for a more balanced world.

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